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Monday, April 18, 2016

Residential plots 3 grounds corner 425m from mount poonamallee road and 1.1km from DLF near porur

Plot is just 425m from mount poonamallee road and 1.1km from DLF main entrance . Total area 6767 sqft. 30 ft road on the west side and 24 ft road on the northern side. Consists of 3 plots in brothers sisters name. Text only to 9884411400. 

Tomas k vergis

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Plot at kolapakkam east facing 1.4 kms from ambethkar statue. 11 cents

Kindly mention given property details when you text me .
• We are Contractors and Agents in Porur Mugalivakkam Manapakkam Kolapakkam Madhanadapuram Iyyyapanthangal and Kattupakkam.

• We procure plots from Miot hospital to Kattuapakkam on the southern side of mount poonamallee road. Our service charge is just 1%. Later if interested we can do construction on contract basis.SPECIFICATION FOR CONSTRUCTION FOR A CONSOLIDATED RATE IS READILY AVAILABLE.  If you have a property in any of these areas and if it has to be sold, we can take that service for the same 1% service charge.

• We take care to sell your property with privacy. Always TEXT first and then call   my MOBILE 9884411400. Just that I am trying to avoid telemarketing calls.

 • Please fix timings for site visit and stick to timings .Lets try our best to stick to timings. Avoid site visit program with other agents on the day we meet as it would disturb our time schedule.Kindly avoid asking us the ROUTE to see the property by yourself. Nri buyers can come forward with your local friends or relatives.We can send the location of the property through so on •  Always engage an advocate to buy or sell any property. We will do our best to locate a good property matching your budget and interest. Please take part with the document verification, Document Procurement ( PATTA , EC,Etc.,) by yourself. Customers going for loan must get along with the SELLER, so that the deal goes very smoothly .IF YOU HAVE PLANS TO GO FOR LOAN, KINDLY INFORM ME AT THE FIRST CALL. SELLERS prefer immediate sale without LOAN. • INDIVIDUAL BUYERS must understand that your competitors are APARTMENT PROMOTERS and LAND AGREEMENT HOLDERS.Try to purchase without Loan (PLOT purchase). • The BUYER or the SELLER can talk over phone through phone conferencing or from our phone before you decide to meet each other. In some cases the BUYER or the SELLER may be through other AGENTS. In such cases we may have to meet directly and not over phone.Kindly adjust with the situation and succeed. • We can give you the right ADVICE/OPINION for that particular deal .

 • View Porur Mugalivakkam Manapakkam Kolapakkam in GOOGLE MAPS

 • Meanwhile try to send a mail to Good Luck. TOMAS K. VERGIS ,B.E.,(civil). 9884411400 (sms),, . 

Construct, Buy or Sell Properties in and around Porur Chennai Tamilnadu India.tomas, v-cons, sms and then call  9884411400

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Building Contractors in Chennai near Porur. Text for Specification . Tomas k vergis 9884411400

SMS your email id. We will mail you our Specification for a consolidated per square foot rate. We do Residential Building on Material Contract Basis. 

Join with friends or collegue,  buy a plot. We can build apartments on Contract basis.

If you already have a property and you want to make Apartments. We can Construct and also do Marketing for you including all Laison works.

Sms and then call 9884411400. Just that I am trying to avoid telemarketing calls. 
Good luck

Tomas k vergis B.E.,